Lyric Pick Pack

Lyric Pick Pack

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Grab these awesome pearl finished red, blue and black lyric pick packs containing some of the lyrics from 3 of Sam Grow's most popular songs on one side and the official Sam Grow logo on the other side!

Each pack contains 1 of each color, for a total of 3 picks per pack!

(1) Pearl Black - The Blame - Lyric line on the pick "I'll Take The Blame"

(1) Pearl Blue - Song About You - Lyric line on the pick "I Wanna Hear A Song About You"

(1) Pearl Red - Kiss My Ass - Lyric line on the pick "And We Stand For That Flag...Yeah, If You Can't Respect That Then you Can Kiss My Ass"

** Due to printing each pick will not be identical and there can be variations in color, style and location of the printing, etc. **