Autographed - Manchester CD

Autographed - Manchester CD

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Sam Grow to Release New Album, “Manchester” on October 21st. “I always try to write songs and albums from a very real place. So when I was thinking of the album title, it just seemed right to pay tribute to the real place that all these stories and songs happened in. Manchester, TN is where I live and I’ve fallen in love with the people and the peace that I’ve found in this new little hometown of mine. I’m so proud of this album and I hope my community here is, too.” 

01 Live It Down
02 Staying Over
03 Without You
04 Truck In The Yard
05 Over Me By Now
06 Maybe
07 Good At Lyin’
08 If I Had It My Way
09 Past a Heartbreak ft. ACORN
10 Cheap Whiskey
11 Found Love
12 Bar Like This